Our business is a family affair.  

With my husband, who develops Permaculture Design, we aim to cultivate a mindset of uplifted consciousness.

As a yoga instructor and cannabis advocate, mental and physical wellness is a rule of thumb and a constant practice, and these are the gifts I am blessed to share with you.

My mission is to offer a practice that brings you to a place of stillness.

When you step onto your mat, you return to YOUR FULL ESSENCE.

In your flow, you will connect with each movement, experience each breath, and find stillness and calm so that your intuition can ring clear.

Through your practice, through your movements alone, you will set intentions to lead you down your Dharmic path, to ALIGN.


 My purpose in my teaching is so YOU will leave feeling energetically uplifted, with CLARITY and PURPOSE.

Meg Williams


Bachelor's Degree of Psychology

Bachelor of Education

200 Hr YTT through Pavones Yoga Center

Kid's Yoga trained with Rainbow Kid's Yoga

Advanced Yin and Meditation

Currently pursuing Breathwork Facilitation

I acquired my yoga training at a beautiful jungle retreat center in Pavones, Costa Rica in 2015.  This experience, the deep connection with the jungle and it’s immense vibrations has been hardwired into my existence, and it’s now part of my mission to instill the same for you!

I’ve been teaching for 5 years and acquired 500 hrs of teaching experience, and counting.  I specialize in Yin and Meditation and am currently furthering my teaching skills by pursuing my Breathwork Training.  The breath is such an integral part of the practice, and I believe it alone can hold so much power in our healing.

In 2016, my husband and I opened a studio, Laughing Falcon Yoga,  in our small hometown in Canada, and happily built a thriving community for 2 years.  The laughing falcon is native to Costa Rica and it’s spirit represents Freedom, Movement and Self-Discovery; I truly believe that is the essence of your practice, always with a healthy dose of Laughter. 


We decided to close the doors so that we could take our teachings to a global capacity.

Ian Williams



15+ years experience in construction and contracting

Founder of

Arctic Sun Carpentry 

Permaculture Design Certification

Lead Builder for Algonquin Pod Company

My history in construction has been with building traditional homes. In my 15 years of experience, my range of experience roams from building homes from the ground up, to more detailed renovations, to building small glamping units.  As a man with a tendency towards perfectionism, I've started to realize that, although these homes are beautiful, a lot of the time they just don't seem practical.  In terms of energy efficiency, or space efficiency, or layout, there are better resources to build with or ways to build.  This realization led me to my training as a Permaculture Designer.  My desire to build homes that will use the land and resources so that my family and the people I build for can live with a reduction of costs; imagine no mortgage payments, hydro bills, or electricity bills! If this sounds appealing, let's chat!  I'll let you in on my secrets, and would love to start dreaming your new life with you!

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